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Sasoun Lahmajune (12 pieces)

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pronounced: lah-mah-joon 
aka: lahmacun, lahmajoun, lahmajun, Armenian pizza
Fresh lean ground beef mixed with finely chopped vegetables, layered on top of a thin round dough.
What is lahmajune?
Lahmajune (also lahmacun or lahmajoun), meaning "meat with dough" from Arabic, is an item of prepared food originating in the early Turkish cuisine of the Levant, consisting of a round, thin soft piece of dough topped with spicy sauce and minced meat and straight leaved parsley , (most commonly beef and lamb). Lahmajune is often served sprinkled with lemon juice and wrapped around vegetables, including pickles, tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, and parsley, cabbage salad or cilantro; atypical variants may be found as wraps for kebab meat or sauces. 
source: Wikipedia.org
Reviewed by Edward B, 12/15/2018

When I lived in LA, I would frequently get լահմաջուն (lahmajun) from either Sasoun in Hollywood, or Taron in Glendale. Now, I live in Arizona where we have no Armenian bakeries. I can only get it once a year when they have ArmeniaFest at St. Apkar in Scottsdale.

I am so glad to find LittleArmenia.com. I ordered 4 doz in April, and another 4 doz this month. It is packed very well, and arrives in good condition. During the cool weather you can do 2-day shipping, but in summer I would do overnight.

I warm 2 at a time in the toaster oven with the meat sides together. I have a little spray bottle with lemon juice to add some lemon taste before serving.

I am just sorry the don’t ship տոլմա, maybe someday.

Reviewed by Jack C, 08/11/2018

Having grown up over Yeghia’s Bakery - famed for the best lahmajune in Beirut, my frame of reference being that, Sassoon Lahmajune was very good, I ordered a dozen each for my sons and myself, we all enjoyed it. I expect to reorder periodically, along with the excellent basturma and sujuk

Reviewed by Lily K, 12/19/2016

Love the Lahmajune- order every year for our son's birthday- packaged well arrived perfect-
the only thing is I paid 16.99 a year ago, and they were 23.99 (12pk) this year...getting a little pricey but I will probably still order a few next year......delicious!!!

Reviewed by Philip C, 04/07/2016

I have now ordered 18 dozen lahmajune since March. I am sure very happy I found 'Little Armenia Shop' on google. I will continue to order more. I have given several dozen to relatives. They all love them. We make them as well at home, but they take a lot of time to make. Our homemade version is smaller about the size of a pie pan and we pre cook the ground beef/lamb. Be sure you heat them up in your oven at 350 degrees for 5 mins. I just put them on the oven rack in my electric oven. 'They were perfect!' Do Not heat them up in the microwave. I have rolled mine with either sweet banana peppers or mild pepper rings. I even added a bit of shredded cheese. 4 of these some bean salad is all you need. I prefer the overnight shipping v. 2 day. I live on the west coast. I do not know the name of the lady that has taken my call several times, but she is very knowledgable about Armenian food, very friendly and always there to help her customers. 5 STARS!

Reviewed by Eileen T, 07/01/2015

great find, the LITTLE ARMENIA SHOP (mail-order)... ordered two packages of 12 lahmajune on june 15, 2015, shipment arrived northern california quickly, cold upon arrival and we've been enjoying them ever since... thank you, little armenia shop, i'll absolutely order from you again... +++++++++

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Sasoun Lahmajune (12 pieces) + Sasoun Cheese Beorek (6 pieces)

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This Item: Sasoun Lahmajune (12 pieces)
Sasoun Cheese Borek (6 pieces)

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Steve from Georgia says:
"The basturma is fabulous. I like it with eggs and toast for breakfast. Though I prefer to to slice my own as I like a thicker cut, I will certainly continue to shop with this establishment. Online service was easy and fast. Thanks."



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