Sahag's Sujuk (1 lb, whole)

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pronounced: soo-juke
aka: sujuk, sucuk, soujouk, soudjouk
A dry, spicy sausage made of ground beef specially seasoned and cured using old world recipes.
What is sujuk?
Sujuk, also "sucuk" and soudjouk is a dry, spicy sausage in Turkish, Bulgarian and Armenian cuisine eaten from the Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia.
Sujuk consists of ground meat (usually beef, but pork is used in non-Muslim countries and horse meat in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan[1]), with various spices including cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, and red pepper, fed into a sausage casing and allowed to dry for several weeks. It can be more or less spicy; it is fairly salty and has a high fat content.
How is sujuk eaten?
Sujuk may be eaten cooked (when raw, it is very hard and stiff). It is often cut into slices and cooked without additional oil, its own fat being sufficient to fry it. At breakfast, it is used in a way similar to bacon or spam. It is fried in a pan, often with eggs (e.g. as breakfast in Egypt), accompanied by a hot cup of sweet black tea. Sujuk is sometimes cooked with haricot bean or incorporated into pastries at some regions in Turkey. In Bulgaria, raw, sliced sujuk is often served as an appetizer with rakia or other high alcoholic drinks. In Lebanon, cooked sliced sujuk is made into sandwiches with garlic sauce and tomato.
Reviewed by Adam T, 01/29/2019

I sent some to dad in Michigan around the holidays. He said it's like the stuff grandpa used to get when he was young, better than the fattier stuff my cousin had got him from Eastern Market or somewhere around Ann Arbor.

Reviewed by Ierachmiel D, 09/09/2018

I fully agree with Mike’s review. The Doujouk is a bit coarse and definitely not dry /cured enough . There is an excess of cinnamon like flavour and missing some of the cumin that I tasted in Armenia . The original I had had a firmer consistency’s and was flatter. Still is better than nothing. I will try and dry some of the sausages myself and see whether I can improve on it.

Reviewed by Jack C, 08/11/2018

Very good! Perfect with breakfast eggs; for sandwiches I like to balance the spicy hot with cool slices of tomatoes 🍅

Reviewed by Mike J, 07/08/2015

Not bad, not like my father made in his hay days. Not cured enough. I recall when my dad made it he would hang it out to dry in a vented box during the fall along with the basturma. All family and friend would come to our house to have some of Sujukgi Mikes sujuk and basturma. I still have his origional recipe.
Going back to this product, like I said, not bad. Better then nothing.

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Steve from Georgia says:
"The basturma is fabulous. I like it with eggs and toast for breakfast. Though I prefer to to slice my own as I like a thicker cut, I will certainly continue to shop with this establishment. Online service was easy and fast. Thanks."



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