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When traveling to Little Armenia in Hollywood, one place you have to visit is Sahag's (pronounced "Saw hogs") Basturma and Sandwich Shop on Sunset Boulevard. This little Armenian deli, in a small strip mall, is by far the best place anywhere in the world to try Basturma (Armenian cured meat) or Soujouk (spicy Armenian sausage). Since 1987, this deli has satisfied the appetite of the Armenian community of Los Angeles with the most powerful tasting cured meats in the world. Don't just take our word for it - drop by the deli or order a pound online to experience for yourself. We know you will be hooked for life.


basturma sliced
Sahag's Basturma (1 lb, sliced)
As low as $16.99 On Sale
basturma sliced
Sahag's Basturma (1/2 lb, sliced)
Was: $11.50
Now: $9.99 On Sale
Sahag's Soujouk (whole)
Sahag's Sujuk (1 lb, whole)
As low as $13.99 On Sale
Sahag's Soujouk (whole)
Sahag's Sujuk (1/2 lb, whole)
Was: $8.99
Now: $6.99 On Sale

Customer Testimonial

Steve from Georgia says:
"The basturma is fabulous. I like it with eggs and toast for breakfast. Though I prefer to to slice my own as I like a thicker cut, I will certainly continue to shop with this establishment. Online service was easy and fast. Thanks."



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Customer Testimonial

Nick from Wyoming says:
"We have dealt with the 'Little Armenia Team' and found them to be punctual and very professional. The products are superb and very very tasty. I would continue to patronage this establishment as the need arise and would strongly recommend their products to all."